DEMO 2012

by Thick Skin

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    Recorded with Pablo.
    additional thanks go to: Pablo for his constant help and support, cricket cemetery (again!!), and scott c. for being scott!

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released October 1, 2012

Pablo. Robin. Bill. Rodrigo. Robbi.



all rights reserved


Thick Skin Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Feign Respect
Crushing defeat. Losing’s the standard. Holding it down. Familiar failure.

A façade of happiness
You feign respect
For your boss, your teachers
You’re an educated pet
Hold your head up high
Like you’ve done nothing wrong
Crimes against humanity
Your mind’s fucking gone

Too many second chances
Here we draw the line
You’re full of excuses
You need a fucking spine

Drag us down with your dead weight. Nowhere to run so you complain complain

Burnout loser. Fucking user. Piece of shit. We’ve fucking had it.

We won’t swallow lies.
We won’t apologize.
For the way we live our lives.
Track Name: Nowhere To Run

Their simple existance
Is a threat
State supported

Wear them down, wear them thin
Identity protected within
Gatekeepers hold the final call
They make the obstacles

Pissed on every turn
Quickly you hide it or learn
brace yourself for all the hate
After all, we are the disease.

no where to hide!
No where to - run!

Manic panic over a personal choice
Deny their fellow human a voice

Break my heart
Break my face
Break my strength
Nothing left to take.
Track Name: Parasite
Infesting every corner and hole
We are the parasite. We are the parasite.
Dig and we eat until nothing is whole.
We do nothing. We do nothing.

Please forgive us.
For ever being born.
Natural mutiny
We deserve the scorn.
Track Name: Stress Related Aneurysm
Hold me back in every facet
Belittle my choices
You think like addict
Money fuels your every thought
While your brain fucking rots

Sickens me
That we’re family
Sicks me
Your blood’s in me

Stress related
Painful conclusion
To 20 years of living

As the blood fills my skull
I can’t help but think
This will be the last time
you ever fuck with me.

I guess I got my revenge.

No note on the table
No clues to to had
Inexplicable suicide
But you’re the culprit
Track Name: No Solution
you can’t make the connection.
So I’ll make it for you.
With every fucking breath you take.
You ruin what we’re trying to make.

Passive interest
Digusted glances
So pathetic

Your apathy
Your problem

Get the fuck out.
No solution.
Get the fuck out.
No solution.