Split 7" w/ Headwind

by Thick Skin

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released February 10, 2013

Thanks to: DC Hardcore, Ryan Zellman, Chris Moore, Zeijlon Family, Headwind, Irish/Black Voodoo Records, Daniel Domain, Pablo, and anyone who has booked us or let us sleep at their home.



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Thick Skin Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Left Behind
how many trends can i follow
how many ideas can i lose
how many people can i die for
how many thousands of false truths
Regret. passion. Tears. Discretion.
Hope smashed. I learned my lesson.

Black in the eyes, black in the head
Surrounded by bodies but they’re mindless corpses

Life’s nothing but a fucking joke.
Decisions made and confessions misspoke.
a failure by design
im sick of being left behind.
Track Name: Can't Cope
Can't cope

no hope

erasing the facts
circle the drain
while the poverty
they legislate

no fucking hope
can't cope

don't care about us
don't care about you

all they care about
is hiding the truth

no fucking hope
can't cope

grasping at straws
the words form a veil
a democracy so meaningless
for the constituents they fail

it's all one big crock of shit!

they don't care about us
they don't care about you
all they care about
is hiding the truth
Track Name: Take On The World
form yourselves in a line
waiting for the firing squad
squander your chance for life
it lubricates the greater lie

ritual cleansing of the mind
buy and buy every time

feed your money to conglomerates
then roll your eyes while you roll in shit

i see so clearly
every night so fake
i see so clearly
there's only so much i can take.

take on the world!!!
Track Name: Fixer

no amount of money
no matter how i explain
no matter what i say
it all stays the same
Track Name: Last Effort

cant relate
cant connect
cant relax
cant fucking win

complacent scumbags
de rigueur of
worthless meatheads
settle the score

what a fucking tragedy

innovation into vanity
worship idols
for a nostalgic insanity


i've made my case
i laid down the law
i can't settle for something lesser
LAST EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!!